Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Confessions of a very unnatural expeditionista


How come a luxury loving Edinburgh girl used to reading the Sunday papers in cafes comes to be camping at 5050 metres in Hidden valley, Nepal? 


Madness?  True love? A desire to push myself outside my comfort zone?


This is a tough challenge but I’m quite proud of myself and very grateful to a lovely group of natural experditionistas who have been so warm and supportive. Thanks to lovely Damien who has been a rock of support, Simon and Salley the  wise expedition leaders, Chris and Neil (love his singing and high spirits), Sue and kind doctor Carol, Stuart (owe him a beer for his kindness on the roped section of mountain), Refika, Sven and Jenny.


 Chhungba and Serky and all the Sherpa and porters have been amazing.


Challenges faced thus far:-

·         Sleeping in tent for two weeks (I have or perhaps better to say used to have mild claustrophobia!)

·         Finding leeches in tent

·         Huffing and puffing up to French Pass 5360 metres to get to Hidden valley base camp(rewarded by stunning scenery)

·         Dropped head torch down loo in freezing temperatures (yippee no leeches)

·         Two scary (for me) roped sections of the mountain

Yes, I am glad I came but the next holiday will be a city break!  Facing a lot of fears at once deserves a bit of home comfort rewards.


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