Sunday, October 12, 2008

from Italian Base Camp 12th October

Groups 1 left Italian Base camp at 3,600 meters today en route to Japanese Base camp at around 4,000m. Groups 2 &3 are taking rest days at Italian Base Camp which is gloriously sunny and spectacularly positioned below the impressive wall of Dhaulagiri.


We have heard from group 4 on the radio whom, we assume, are 2 days behind. Unfortunately although their radio is transmitting well they do not appear to be able to receive our transmissions and so we have been unable to converse with them and thus we have no, more detailed, news from them.


All members of groups 1,2 &3 are fit and well apart from some minor coughs and colds.


We will be posting more messages to the blog site in the coming days as the weather is now improving and we will be taking more rest days as we acclimatise to greater altitude.

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